Best Gifts for Kids 8-12

As the kids grow up, they may not be into dolls and toy trucks anymore. Some children start to take more complex interest in concepts such as science and art. Where do you find the most engaging items that will keep their interest, bring out their creative side, even teach them a little something along the way? We’ve rounded up the best gifts for kids ages 8-12. Check them out!

1. TellaBee

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Where to Buy: TellaBee

The perfect gift for capturing all those special memories of your pre-teen! Each week, caregives will receive a unique, interesting question about their kiddo. Their answers are recorded both in a digital book and sent out to any family and loved ones they choose. At the end of the year, they can print a physical copy of the book of stories and give it as a gift, giving everyone the ability to cherish all of those important milestones and memories for years to come. Never miss a moment with a subscription to TellaBee.

2. Rock Painting Kit

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Price: $14.99
Where to Buy: Amazon

Your 8-12 year old will be “rocking” and rolling to the fun and educational vibes of this rock painting kit! This awesome kit includes all your creative kiddo needs to make works of art using smooth river rocks, including googly eyes, paint, glitter glue, and more. Not only fun, but educational too– this kit is STEM certified! An interactive way to create memories by painting rocks and helping kids spread them out in your community to share joy with others.

3. Kids Against Maturity

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Where to Buy: Amazon

“A fun family party game where being the worst is the best.” It doesn’t have to just be Connect Four and Monopoly anymore on game night! You’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity, now meet its kid-friendly counterpart– Kids Against Maturity. A great game for kids to play together or to get the whole family involved, and a great gift for the kid who loves card and board games. Players will draw cards (the hairiest knuckles go first, of course), guess fill-in-the-blanks, and laugh at age-appropriate toilet humor (as well as funny innuendo for adults) as the question asker picks the funniest answer. Person with the most cards at the end wins! Great for groups big or small and entertaining for all ages.

4. African Elephant Adoption Kit

Image Courtesy of World Wildlife Fund

Price: $55 – 250 depending on option chosen
Where to Buy: World Wildlife Fund

The perfect gift for the animal loving kiddo in your life! These adoption kits include everything he or she needs to learn about the elephants their gift has helped and “adopted,” the highlight being the adorable stuffed elephant to cuddle and serve as a reminder of how the recipient’s adoption helps the WWF’s conservation efforts of these beautiful creatures. An adoption certificate, full color photo, and letter of donation acknowledgement from the WWF are also included.

5. The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $12.87
Where to Buy: Amazon

They’ve begged and pleaded to help with the baking before, they’re super excited, and you can tell they have a knack for concocting edible creations. Why not give them the gift of becoming a real baker with this recipe book? EMpower your kiddo in the kitchen with a variety of recipes from big soft pretzels, to empanadas, and of course cupcakes and brownies. These recipes have been tested by thousands of kids to ensure accessibility and age-appropriate complexity. Watch them thrive in the cooking space with this awesome gift!

6.  Mad Moves

Image Courtesy of Walmart

Price: $24.94
Where to Buy: Wal-Mart

Is your 8-12 year old a mover and a shaker? Then they’ll love this game that will get them and the whole family off their seats and on the dance floor at any party, family game night, or sleepover! Draw a card for the moves and spin the spinner for the type of dance, and let the rest of the party guess what combo they’re trying to show off. And P.S.–  Good dancers need not apply; this one is a blast for all talent levels!

7. Karaoke USA Portable Karaoke System

Image Courtesy of Kohl’s

Price: $99.99
Where to Buy: Kohl’s

For the star-in-the-making, this karaoke machine has it all. With a 4.5” display, this battery powered, portable party pick will provide endless entertainment. USB and Bluetooth options ensure no matter how you connect, your kiddo and the family or friends at the sleepover will be able to cut loose all day and all night crooning away to their favorite hits.

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera and Accessory Bundle

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $99.99
Where to Buy: Amazon

Watch their amazement as pictures develop right before their eyes with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9! Bring back all the nostalgia from yesteryear before cameras were so readily available on all our smart devices, and give them the gift of instant film. Comes in a variety of attractive colors to choose from, and is portable enough to capture fun moments at home, school, on trips– take it anywhere. It includes everything your kiddo needs to make their new photography hobby their own, like stickers, a photo album, a selfie lens, and more.

9. My Cinema Lightbox

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $29.99
Where to Buy: Amazon

The gift of expression for kids is priceless, and your 8-12 year old will love being able to recreate their own phrases and ideas with this light-up marquee! USB or battery powered and includes 100 letters, symbols, and number tiles. Let them spell out their favorite song lyrics, favorite quotes, and more– the possibilities are endless.

10. Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set Marble Run

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Price: $59.95 – $129.99 depending on option chosen
Where to Buy: Amazon

This one is a 2019 toy of the year finalist! GIve your kiddo the gift of creativity, education, and problem-solving all in one with this impressive marble maze and racetrack. Satiate their curiosity by finding out what happens when the track is built one way or another with a variety of track parts and action pieces. Magnetism, gravity, and kinetics all come into play in the most fun you can have with marbles!

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