Best Gifts for New Moms

She’s excited, she’s a bundle of nerves, she’s tired, she’s glowing, and she’s prepping like crazy! It’s the mom to be in your life, and you find yourself wondering what kind of gift would best support her during this new and life-changing season. You’ve heard the stories of moms who have had to spend valuable time returning redundant, useless gifts after their showers, and you want to get her something a little more special than diapers (although, they’re always welcome and there can never be enough!). We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for new and expecting moms with feedback from our amazing Remember When community! And best of all, most can be purchased and mailed from the comfort of your home.

1. TellaBee

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Where to Buy: TellaBee

The perfect gift for capturing all those special memories of the new baby growing up! Each week, mama will receive a unique, interesting question about her little one. Their answers are recorded both in a digital book and sent out to any family and loved ones she chooses. At the end of the year, she can print a physical copy of the book of stories and gift-give to invite others to cherish all of the most important milestones and memories for years to come. Never miss a moment with a subscription to TellaBee.

2. Swaddle Blanket Package + In-Home Consultation from Moms On Call

Images Courtesy of Moms On Call

Cost: $39.95 for the package; consultations start at $150; in-home visits start at $400
Where to Buy: Click here to purchase the Swaddle Package and here to explore consultation options

At one time or another, everyone with a baby on the way has had the panicked thought: “I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m not ready to be a parent!” It’s an exciting time, but because it can be overwhelming too, the experts at Moms On Call make life easier for parents and their little one so they can just focus on soaking up every first giggle, first tooth, and first eye contact! New parents will learn the basics with a personalized consultation for any age up to four years via email, virtually, or an in-home visit. In-person consultations are unique to the Southeast, Illinois, and Texas, but virtual and email consultations can be purchased for use anywhere in the world. Their website also provides a variety of free resources and helpful information for parents of young children. The Swaddle Blanket Package includes a beautifully soft blanket with your choice of trim, and a Basic Baby Care book for ages 0-6 months. It’s the perfect gift for the first-time-parent in your life!

Why Moms Will Love It: “[The consultant] showed us how to swaddle and gave us a special blanket… we still have it. She also showed us how to groom him, clip nails, bathe him, etc., we talked about sleep schedules and nursing. They also have a 24-hour hotline of on-call nurses. It was so helpful. Seriously. So good!” – RaeAnn T. (@raeann312), Johns Creek, GA

3. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Image Courtesy of Haakaa

This one was SO popular with our Remember When moms! Haakaa offers a straight-forward, no-frills solution to pumping with their comfortable, silicone-made, manual breast pump. Award-winning, recommended globally by nursing moms, lactation consultants, celebrities and doulas for its portable, simple to use, and easy to clean design. Just give it a squeeze and express milk from the non-nursing breast with natural suction. Perfect for long travel days when machine pumping may not be possible!

Cost: $15 + shipping
Where to Buy: Haakaa (Sign up for their mailing list to get 10% off your first order!)

Why Moms Will Love It: “For anyone who is going to try breastfeeding, this pump allows you to catch milk from one breast as you nurse on the other breast. It helps stockpile a little bit of extra milk early and prevent wasting it into your shirt/nursing pad instead.” – Andrea P. (@AEPetrich), Anacortes, WA

“The Haakaa pump was perfect for building a freezer stash of milk. This way, I didn’t have to stress about pumping on top of breastfeeding… I also use it to pull out milk after my baby sleeps a long stretch; this prevents mastitis or plugged milk ducts.” – Michelle W., Chandler AZ

4. Aveda Rosemary Mint Collection

Image Courtesy of Aveda

She can pamper herself during those blissful postpartum days with her little one using products from Aveda’s Rosemary Mint beauty lineup. From shampoo and conditioner to candles, you can build her a gift basket sure to delight and offer relaxation with these salon-reminiscent scents.

Cost: $9 – 45 each
Where to Buy: Online at Aveda.com, or in-store at any Aveda retail location

Why Moms Will Love It: “Many people tout what foods to eat to increase breastmilk supply, but you don’t always hear which foods to avoid. Mint is one of the most common (mothers sometimes drink mint tea when weaning to stop their milk from coming in). Because I love mint but wasn’t going to be consuming it for a year, a friend got me a Rosemary Mint gift set from Aveda so I could at least smell it and smell like it! Any bath/body set that helps you relax and enjoy your quick shower is a good gift, but this one was especially thoughtful!” – Meghan P., Bettendorf, IA

5. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

Image Courtesy of Amazon

When Baby won’t sleep, mom likely isn’t sleeping either. That’s where the Boppy Original Newborn Lounger comes in handy. Bring it along anywhere when it’s time for your little one to lay down for rest, or when you need some hands-free time– it can be used in the baby’s crib, or right next to you on the couch while you’re gazing into their new, beautiful eyes. Its nest-like and comfortable shape provides security and relaxation for him or her, plus it’s portable, machine-washable, award-winning, and comes in an adorable print. What’s not to love?

Cost: $32.83 + free shipping with Amazon Prime
Where to Buy: Amazon

Why Moms Will Love It: “At first I just thought it was cute or just one of those loungers to lay your baby on while you fold laundry on the family room floor. But this Lounger was SUCH a lifesaver for getting my baby to sleep soundly for long periods of time. The way their little bodies mold right into the shape just makes them cozy and like they’re floating on a cloud. I kept mine in my son’s crib and he slept on it every time until he was old enough to roll over, at which point I removed it so it wasn’t hazardous. I had a friend with a VERY fussy, colicky baby that struggled sleeping for long periods of time. She brought her baby with her to work and found it very challenging to work throughout the day. I lent her the Lounger and it was a total lifesaver for her too! It completely changed her baby’s sleep schedule and we both couldn’t recommend it more!” – Ashley L. (@ashandcashman), Mesa, AZ

6. My Breast Friend

People let me tell you ‘bout my Brest Friend… The Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow that is! It comes highly recommended by lactation consultants and birthing hospitals for its posture correction to eliminate upper body strain, firmness, and one-handed usability featuring a handy pocket to keep any nursing essentials within reach. It’s adjustable and available in two prints! Keep mom and baby comfortable while nursing with this thoughtful gift.

Cost: $38.95 + free shipping with Amazon Prime
Where to Buy: Amazon

Why Moms Will Love It: “This is the best pillow for breastfeeding moms. It’s firm and supportive unlike other bed pillows. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and you can use it for any breastfeeding position.” – Lauren P., Mesa, AZ

7. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Image Courtesy of Simple Wishes

For the ever multitasking new mom, hands-free time is so important. That’s why Simple Wish has developed these comfortable, adjustable to grow and change with her body, perfect-each-time-fit pumping bras. Give the new mom the gift of time with these machine-washable, easy to care for bras in multiple colors!

Cost: $24.99 (on sale, originally $29.99)
Where to Buy: Simple Wishes

Why Moms Will Love It: “Every pumping mom needs 2 or 3 of these. Holding both flanges on your breasts for 15 minutes gets old really fast. You need your hands to care for your baby, other kids, scroll through your phone to keep you busy, or if you are working!” – Michelle W., Chandler, AZ

8. Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings

Image Courtesy of Belly Bandit

If she loves to live in leggings, she’ll love these special post-partum leggings designed to help support and secure “mummy tummy.” They look just like regular black leggings, but with the added bonus of soft, breathable comfort in the days after giving birth to that perfect little baby. No digging, no pinching, high-waisted, and offered in three versatile colors, these will be her new favorite bottoms!

Cost: $79.95 + free shipping over $50
Where to Buy: Belly Bandit

Why Moms Will Love It: “I used a belly band wrap postpartum and loved the core support it gave me and how it helped me shrink down faster. It sounds vain, but feeling like yourself/”normal” again is important! This time around, I have asked for their leggings as a push present. They are pricey but everyone I know says they are worth it!”Meghan P., Bettendorf, IA

9. Love to Dream Swaddle

Image Courtesy of Love to Dream

Thinking of gifting her with a more unique approach to swaddling and sound sleep? Check out the Love to Dream Transitional Swaddle! Because babies must be allowed free use of their arms and hands when they start to show signs of trying to roll, the Transitional swaddle is preparedness in one perfect product. Baby will sleep better being swaddled in the early months with those little hands and feet covered for warmth in Love to Dream’s bag or suit style swaddle. When the rocking and rolling begins, mom can remove baby’s hand/arm coverings for safer, fuller range of motion. Offered in a variety of warmth levels and sizes, as well as adorable patterns, prints, you’re sure to find just the right look for the new little one!

Cost: Starts at $34.95
Where to Buy: Love to Dream

Why Moms Will Love It: Helps baby sleep by calming the startle reflex, and the double zipper aids in quick diaper changes!” – Bridget D., Gilbert, AZ

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