Our Story

Alex Jewett founded TellaBee in June 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Alex and her husband were very close with their nieces and nephews, but suddenly were not able to fly and visit them. FaceTime and social media were great for quick updates, but what they really felt sad about was missing all the little, seemingly small moments that made childhood so amazing.

She found herself wondering things like, “Does Ricky still mispronounce my name?” and “I wonder what the silliest thing Serena has done lately is?”. She also wanted an easy way to save all the silly, funny, heartwarming, and AMAZING moments of childhood and share them with the whole family.

And so, TellaBee was born. Alex created a platform that was not just about sharing a photo with a brief caption like one does on social media, but that was about sharing full memories and all the little details. TellaBee is a true storytelling and sharing platform, designed to capture moments that a parent might otherwise never even think to write down. The questions are ones you would never think to ask a parent, but that draw out every little memory.

We hope to welcome you to our storytelling community.

Founder Alex Jewett with her husband, niece, and nephew
Founder Alex Jewett with her husband, niece, and nephew