Must Haves for Your Hospital Bag

It’s time! The baby is coming! This amazing moment you’ve been patiently (or impatiently!) waiting for since you found out you were expecting… and maybe for years before that. Enter: The Hospital Bag! You know, THE Bag that you packed, or your partner helped you pack (and is now grabbing for you as you’re rushing out the door to bring that little miracle into the world). We’ve put together a list of the items our Remember When community said they absolutely HAD to have in theirs so you can easily prepare the necessities for one less thing to worry about on that big day! We’ve provided specific citations and links when relevant, but many of these are likely items you already have at home!


Tellabee hero banner

Where to Buy: TellaBee

Well, maybe you can’t fit this first one into the hospital bag per say, but it’s definitely an essential for the brand new mama! It’s the perfect way to capture all those special memories of the new baby growing up. Each week, she will receive a unique, interesting question about her little one. Her answers are recorded both in a digital book and sent out to any family and loved ones she chooses. At the end of the year, she can print a physical copy of the book of stories and gift-give to invite others to cherish all of those important milestones and memories for years to come. Never miss a moment with a subscription to TellaBee!

2. Aquaphor Immediate Relief Lip Repair Balm

Image Courtesy of Target

Cost: $6.99
Where to Buy: Any drug store, but Target is the cheapest at TWO for this price!

Why Moms Need It in the Bag: “After you do a ton of yelling and screaming you really could use it, ya know?” – Ann Z., Tempe, AZ (@movewith_ann)

3. Slippers for during your stay/Other Slip-On Shoes for leaving the hospital

4. Comfy Pants/Leggings

5. Amazon Basics Double Braided Nylon Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone – 6 Foot

Images Courtesy of Amazon

Who hasn’t wondered why the charging cables provided with our phones are so short?! WIth this reinforced, double-braided cable from AmazonBasics, wonder no more. An additional layer of durability added to each end strengthens the cable, so bye-bye frayed ends! Plus, it’s extra long, twice as long as those standard-issue cables, and comes in a variety of fun colors to suit your style.

Cost: $16.11 for iPhone, $6.34 for Android (non-braided), plus free shipping with Prime
Where to Buy: Amazon; they also offer a Micro-B charger (non-braided) for Android phones here

Why Moms Need It in the Bag: “You never know where the nearest (or farthest) open outlet might be, and you’ll want this particular cable if you plan on doing any reading, scrolling social media, etc.!” – Andrea P., Anacortes, WA (@aepetrich)

6. Favorite Snacks

7. Sanitary Pads

8. Paint-by-Number Painting Book or App for Mobile Device

9. Hand Sanitizer

10. Homemade Rice Sock

Image Courtesy of Childbirth Professionals International

Why buy something new when everything you need for a warming pad is probably in your pantry and your partner’s sock drawer?! Ease those aches and pains anywhere you’re feeling them before, during, and after birth with a homemade rice sock! Make a few to use for simultaneous aches and pains. Stays hot longer and pennies on the dollar to make.

Click here for a How-To!

Why Moms Need It in the Bag: “With my second daughter, I had a TON of back labor. I have a rice sock at home I used as a warming pack, and I WISH I would have brought it with me! One of my nurses was a saint and made me a hot pack, but they don’t last as long as a rice sock!” – Michelle W., Chandler, AZ

11. Going home outfit for yourself and the baby

12. Extra baby blanket in case you don’t care for the one the hospital provides

13. Invisibobble – Traceless Hair Ring (3 Pack)

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Pulling out hair ties that make you say OUCH are a thing of the past with the Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring! These state-of-the-art pony holders are designed with your comfort and your post-pony style in mind. Removal is painless, and best of all you can say bye-bye to unsightly creases when you’re ready to take your hair down. Plus, being made of artificial resin, it won’t absorb bacteria or moisture, and is easy to clean. Functional for both your pre- AND post-partum needs, and offered in a variety of fun colors!

Cost: $4.99 plus free shipping with Prime
Where to Buy: Amazon

Why Moms Need It in the Bag: “When I gave birth to my first child, I overpacked for sure. Like, I did not use makeup or ANY hair appliances — I rocked that ponytail!” – Lacey H., Gilbert, AZ

14. Comfy Underwear – “Mesh panties? I think not!” – Dana J., Washington D.C.

15. Oil Diffuser

All our Remember When moms agreed that ultimately, less is more! Take the essentials with you, but don’t OVER pack, either. You’ll want to focus on the most important cargo — the new baby! — without all the stress of carrying huge bags to and from the hospital! Whatever you choose to add to your bag, these items will be sure to make things a little easier and more comfortable for you during one of the most exciting times in your journey of parenthood!

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